Be Still My Heart Films

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Are you asking yourself how the heck did I end up here? I was looking for a photography and videography website.What the world is Smarketing 101?

Smarketing 101 is my media company.Be Still My Heart Films is a division of Smarketing 101.I have photographed and filmed weddings,children,and families under this name for years.I love my charming little logo and the look and feel of it.And besides that,it makes me want to talk in a sweet southern accent.I also kept the name because it makes sense.No photographer or videographer ever would name their company Smarketing 101.All that being said…there will NOT be a quiz on this info{insert relief here}.I used to try to keep up with two websites,two blogs,Facebook pages,etc….etc….But then one day I had my “aha moment”.Why not consolidate? Incorporate all your many hats into one website.Everything I do revolves around media and design,so for once in my life I made things easy and consolidated all my business under my media company umbrella.Whew!!!!! Best business decision I ever made.So on my blog you will find an assortment of overly useful,helpful,and sometimes inspirational topics.This is where you will also find updates on weddings I have shot and events I have attended.Enough talking already…let’s do some seeing.Each drop down category has a portfolio of my work.Please take a look around and feel free to leave me a glowing comment.